Who we are

Founded in 2009, Stagelights is a nonprofit organization in Brookings, Oregon, dedicated to providing and promoting much-needed music education and outreach opportunities to Curry County youth and adults interested in the musical arts. This includes offering scholarships and free or low-cost access to instruments, teachers, and opportunities to perform or learn music-related crafts.

We currently operate a “Music in the Classroom” program that brings local and touring musicians of various genres into the public schools for hands-on experiences and performances. Also, we recently launched a recorder class for fourth graders in a local elementary school where the music program was eliminated. For the community at large, we offer a “Group Music Lesson Program” that provides 5- to 6-week group lessons for up to 12 students per class for instruments such as guitar, piano, harmonica, banjo, fiddle, autoharp and harmonica.

Stagelights also fosters a thriving local music culture by promoting local and touring artists, hosting music events, and working with established music-related nonprofits for the betterment of the community. We have become the “go-to” organization when other entities, festivals and private businesses need live music for events.


Stagelights is funded entirely by local sponsors, private donations, numerous fundraisers, and our own efforts to obtain public and private grants. We believe that every student – every person for that matter – should have the opportunity for an education in the arts. In fact, studies have proven the longstanding benefits of a music education:

• Success in society.
• Success in school and learning.
• Success in developing intelligence.
• Success in life.

All too often, mostly for financial reasons, music education opportunities are relegated to a distant wish rather than an exciting reality. Nationwide, music programs in our schools have been slashed or eliminated all together. Curry County is no different. That’s why the board members of the Stagelights Musical Arts Community have embarked on this important mission.

To support our efforts, we have conducted numerous fundraisers, hosted special events and applied for local, state and federal grants. But we can’t do it alone. We need your support. We are seeking donations from generous music lovers such as yourself to ensure the greatest chance of success.

If you have any questions about Stagelights, its mission or to make a donation or become a sponsor, please call the Stagelights office at 541-412-3404 or send an email to stagelightsmusicarts@gmail.com

2014 video about Stagelights (by Rogue Credit Union)

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